Thursday, April 12, 2012


Just a few days away from the start of IRCC II! Yikes! Am I ready? I have my fabric, my notions, my nerve? We shall see! This is my inspiration... Portrait of a Lady by Peter de Kempeneer, c. 1530, which hangs in Peter de Kempeneer (previously attr. to Girolamo da Carpi) c1530s: Portrait of a Woman, which hangs in St├Ądel Museum, Frankfurt ,Germany.
This painting came from Kempeneer's period in Italy, in Ferrara. Kempenner was a Netherlandish painter, active mainly in Seville and known by the Spanish form of his name rather than the Flemish one, Pieter de Kempeneer. Before settling in Seville he had worked in Italy and he exercised a strong influence in Andalusia as a pioneer of Mannerism and the style of Raphael. Several of his paintings are in Seville Cathedral. In 1562 he left Spain to direct a tapestry factory at Brussels, his native city. (From the Web Gallery of Art).

Here's the plan:

Layer 1: camicia:
The camicia will be made out of white linen (stash), hand-stitched with cotton or linen thread, trimmed in linen or cotton lace, with a square neckline (the lace trimmed edge shows at the neckline of the dress) and gathered cuffs (very clearly shown at the cuff of the sleeves). I’ll make it a bit shorter than the dress for ease of movement. I am back and forth right now on how I will execute the trim...

Layer 2: petticoat: something fun out of my stash!

Layer 3: Dress:
The dress appears to have the sheen of silk, perhaps a taffeta. I have a gorgeous greenish teal shimmery taffeta in my stash. I think I have matching cotton thread, but I will have to check. The waistline is slightly higher than natural—de riguer for this date. The sleeves have a full puff at the top, fitting the lower arm with a pretty detail at the cuff. Hard to tell what pleating the skirt has, I’m not sure that it would be cartridge as it doesn’t seem to puff out immediately from the waist. I will probably use box or just a simple gathered pleat as the material isn’t too heavy. The trim on the dress looks like a narrow gold soutache braid, forming stripes on the sleeves and a simple geometric on the bodice.

Layer 4: partlet:
The partlet is very sheer, a simple one like a kerchief that seems to be tucked into the front of the dress, a little bit falling over the shoulders of the dress. The material would be a cotton, linen, or silk gauze with metallic gold thread stripes. Might be a challenge to find the material, but I will try for something close. The edges from the neck to the neckline look like they are trimmed with a gold gimp, which I do have in my stash.

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