Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Getting Started

I had to work this weekend, but I did manage to cut four yards for the skirt and sewed the seam (backstitch—all of this will be hand-sewn as my machine is under about a foot of dust. I didn’t want to destroy what seems to be a burgeoning ecosystem). Besides there is something soothing and friendly about hand-sewing. Now I need to decide on the gathering. I had contemplated trying cartridge pleats, but after some research, it sounds like knife and box pleats were favored during this period. I have enough of a natural bum roll to keep the skirt nice and full!

The fabric is beautiful, the color very rich. But—as a taffeta—it is very slippery, all those yards sliding around as I tried to work on the seam. I used a cotton thread that was similar in color to the fabric, waxed by running the thread through my beeswax. That stuff smells so nice! I’m even using a brass needle that I found through a sutler in the UK who specializes in historic repros.
I have to be careful—two of my enfants terribles—my cats—are sniffing around the fabric. I just don’t trust them! They are still kittens and don’t take direction very well still.

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