Monday, May 14, 2012

A Little on Camicia

Didn’t get a lot done this week with work and in-laws visiting from the U.K. But I did get started on my camicia. The camicia in the inspiration painted is only evident at neckline and wrists. It is obviously square-necked to match the dress, with either white work embroidery or lace. I’ll be working on the trim later. For the body of the camicia, I took inspiration from the images of extant camicie on Bella’s website at, particularly plate 218.
So far, I’ve cut all my pieces from my lovely natural white 100% linen and roll hemmed many of the edges with white Egyptian cotton thread. I’ve just started to inset the hand-made (not by me!) cotton cluny lace. This weekend will be old movies and insetting lace!

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